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Our Focus

Focusing on Internet Business Development

internet business developmentOur focus is developing web sites for businesses. Strategies and techniques that you can use on the Internet that will enhance and support your business's overall marketing objectives. We provide Internet marketing consulting, search engine optimization services, and web analytic professional services. Additional services include search optimizing, email marketing, content development and paid placement.  Webmaster for Hire services include web site designing, development, search engine optimization and internet marketing services.

Consultation, Evaluations, Design, Implementation and Specialized Hosting Services


Intech Marketing is dedicated to connecting our clients to eCommerce and lead generation Internet technologies. We provide consultation, evaluations, design and specialized hosting services to our clients.
Helping you increase conversion, lower traffic costs, increase organic rankings. Whether you need to hire for one project or on an ongoing basis, we're available for you.


Sam ChappleThe president of InTech Marketing - Web Link Logistics, Samuel Chapple has over a decade of experience in eCommerce merchandising and logistics and provides consultation with many different sized companies as well as actively working in the eCommerce industry.

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