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web developer at workA Website Developer plans, designs and manages a website development project.  To really get ahold of this concept one has to think of a website as a giant book that is not bound together by glue and thread, instead they are bound by hyperlinks.  A web site developer plans all the pages and how they connect. Menus, links, image rendering, all require a method a 'appearing' in a visitors browser.  A developer can build a web site from 'scratch' but usually some kind of Content Management System with a template is the typical solution.  The CMS, as Content Management Systems are called, provides the web pages in a database, or dynamically.  This creates a consistency in the website and continuity in menu link structure.  Linking is an extremely important function that on the surface may appear straight forward but has it's own complexities better managed by a CMS.  This avoids broken links and and lost visitors leaving the website.

What does one look for in a website developer?

  • Background in Content Managment Systems is very helpful, especially if you have a CMS in mind
  • website design skills. An eye for layout and execution.
  • Broad knowledge of other server based applications to add services like RSS, podcasts, forums, shopping carts.
  • Search Engine Marketing is very important

Can a Web Developer have Munchausen Syndrome?

USS Abraham Lincoln follows the Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Mercy Although there is a movie about the real Baron, Munchausen Syndrome can be a serious physiological issue and can manifest itself beyond the single person.   Munchausen syndrome refers to factitious disorder with physical symptoms although I have seen this same syndrome in some web site developers who keep making their sites 'sick' in order to get attention.  There is no reason for the site to be ill and yet the developer keeps implementing more and more drastic measures in order to fix the newest malady.   As this is difficult to pull off on a stripped down version  (Keep it simple, stupid) they add more and more 'features' that no normal user would ever be able to find let alone use.  Like Munchausen it is difficult to diagnose and as a doctor might recommend some radical enema therapy the developer is changing out databases on a perfectly healthy 'child' with no thought to the absurdity of the action or recommendation.

The best course of action in a case of site poisoning is to bring in some other developers familiar with the web site management system and audit it for function and scope. I would suggest 2 from separate agencies as typically the real patient is in total denial about the harm they are inflicting on their 'child'.   A dead give away is more then one 'development' site or more databases than a gaggle of geese.   There should be one database with backups which are not part of the day to day operations, or, running a development site, a second database that is a sample not for production database. 

It's strongly recommended not to allow this illness to continue on one's web site as it will be a financial drain bringing ruin in the long run.


  • Recognize the behavior
  • Take action: Have your site audited
  • Intervention: Make sure you have backed up your database and website files before discharging the developer.
  • Legal action may be required to keep the developer away from one's website and for damages incurred. 




As always my favorite photo site:

Webmaster and what they do

creative commons image 4376553184A role clouded in mystery, a Webmaster is a a very special role in the realm of the Internet.  The mystery really comes from the lack of information and the wide range of skills necessary and variability of requirements to manage websites.  Interestingly enough the 'Webmaster', or Website Administrator has no level of proficiency.  There is no 'Junior Webmaster' or 'Assistant Webmaster',  it always ends in a plural  'Webmasters'. A simple site with little interactivity and requirements of updated content can easily fall into a a simplistic view of a webmaster.  Worse persons who see themselves as 'webmasters' can create an industry wide misunderstanding of web site administrators.  A Webmaster is actually a combination of different roles all rolled into one 'Jack-of-all-trades' master at none.    Master at none does not imply a lack of skill but rather a continuous requirement of honing one's skills at the 'craft'.


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