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How to use email for your marketing

Sending emails for marketing presents some challenges and opportunities for the small business.  The first concern is a mailing list.  If you are fortunate to have a list developed already then you ahead of the game.  Let's start with no list and use some of the ideas for building an existing list.


Send Me a Message

email ideasDeveloping a strategy around keeping interested people updated on happenings within your business can really create brain freeze in the best of us.  Let's look at some methods for communicating with your audience.


Building a Website is Not Building the Internet

When thinking about building a website or going for a refresher it's important to view your site as a tool for generating attention. If you are a business it's critcial to think about the message you want to present, and the answer you want back.  Looking for leads?  Then it's important to develop a strategy on several fronts:

  1. How are prospects going to contact you?
  2. How are you going to respond, your follow up?
  3. What information will you provide on your website, and when you respond to your prospect?