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Thinking Outside the Box

What exactly does thinking outside the box mean? 

There is a tendancy to think humans have original thoughts when in fact we tend to gravitate to things we feel safe with.  With that said is the 'box' our comfort zone?  I have heard this statement from desperate business people who are at a loss to explain why their company is doing poorly.  As if thinking outside the box will solve the immediate problem and bring about some critical change.  Could it really be that thinking outside the box is really the road to destruction?  Is daydreaming any replacement for knowledge and skill?


Be The Ball

Be the ballA favorite saying of mine from the classic golfing movie 'Caddy Shack' is 'Be The Ball'.  Now in other professions outside of golfing,  like snipers the saying is 'be The bullet' .  I prefer golf balls as they hurt less. So let's break it down on what this 'being The ball' means in everyday  life.

What is The 'ball'?    Metaphorically speaking, it's anything that we wish to achieve.  To be The Ball is to imagine ourselves as the object or accomplishment we wish to achieve.

How does a golf  ball succeed in reaching it's goal of the 'hole in one' which is how we generally like to do things, the first time?

  1. A golf ball requires a quality core to start with.  That is the ball has to be well made. 
  2. The ball requires a proper device to propel it to the hole
  3. The ball requires a skilled operator of said tool of propulsion  (also known as a 'golf club' or driver)
  4. The environmental conditions like wind and rain effect the success of the ball making it to the hole


So to be 'The ball' one must take all of the various conditions that will influence the outcome into consideration to achieve the goal.


To merely hope the ball will find the goal while wildly swinging at it is a path to frustration and failure. 


Amazing what one learns from golfing comedies.  And I do not play golf,   at least not the sport.




Content Needs Managing

Designing a content management systemContent needs to be managed and that's where Content Management Systems play a major role.  The Content Management System takes a complex task of managing a web site both for web site navigation and adding images / hyperlinks to a web page.  It's important to understand the organizational structure of a basic web site is based on a collection of individual pages that are 'linked' together to form a web site.  The idea of the 'web'  is based on the threads (or links) created by a spider.  Indeed search engine 'bots' are also called spiders because they follow all the threads (or links) and create a special kind of 'map' that helps it understand the relationship of pages and links. Managing a web site requires some kind of methodology to updating the content and then promoting the content. On a simple site this is  possible although challenging with changing content. On a medium to large site this becomes a daunting task.



Question-What is a web directory

Library of Congress Exhibit now Open in Second Life Web directories like the Open Directory Project DMOZ provide a searchable source for websites organized by categories and sub-categories. Maintained by humans (at least the reputable ones) who act as editors and make sure the submission is accurate and worthy of listing. It's a massive undertaking to maintain a directory and why some require a fee for being reviewed. The premise being that you pay a fee and it does not guarantee your site's inclusion. When considering using a web directory or blog directory to publicize your site look it over and see if the categories are related to your industry.


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